The Love Workshop - Participant Instructions

Please watch the video for instructions.


Schedule for Saturday October 23, 2021

Location: 642 NE 69th St, Miami, FL 33138

(There is some street parking available. Uber/Lyft suggested)

9:00 AM Registration, Breakfast, Swimming, Meet your fellow participants.

Please arrive before 9:30 AM to give you ample time to settle into the space.

10:00 AM Morning Session Begins

There will be breaks throughout the day.

~1:00 PM Lunch Break

~2:00 PM Afternoon Session

~8:00 PM Dinner and Entertainment

~10:00 PM Evening (Advanced) Session Begins

XX:XX Session Ends

What to Bring

  • 3 towels
  • 3 bathing suits
  • Yoga mat
  • Change of clothes for evening comfort
  • Water bottle
  • Coffee/tea cup/mug
  • Light blanket (optional)
  • Flip flops/pool sandals

For those traveling to Miami for the session from out of town, please email Tia Yahnke at so we can make arrangements for you.


  • Clear your schedule of all obligations and communications for 24 hours from when you arrive
  • Do not consume alcohol or at least 2 days prior to the session (cannabis is okay)
  • Come focused on yourself and your own life