Are you a Federal Employee?

Are you maximizing your Federal Employee Retirement Systems Benefits? Are you Taking any action towards your retirement outside of your FERS benefits?

Join us February 9-10 in Washington, DC

This live 2-Day Workshop is an interactive approach to understanding and maximizing the Federal Employee Retirement System and your other government benefits, discovering your options to create additional retirement income and protect your assets, and designing your roadmap to a secure and successful retirement.

Below is just some of what you will walk away with to help you start creating a prosperous retirement you will love!

Federal Benefits

  • Understand FERS: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Annuity, and Social Security
  • Maximize your Government match and choose TSP Funds for optimum returns
  • Anticipate Medicare and healthcare costs
  • Understand Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) and Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
  • Protect your Federal retirement and reduce risks now and as you retire
  • Avoid common mistakes to save big money

Financial Tools

  • Understand Financial Planning fundamentals
  • Create a realistic and working budget
  • Understand Financial Laws
  • Manage and reduce debt
  • Avoid common pitfalls and money mistakes
  • Choose insurance products and
  • Overcome common barriers to financial success
  • Select Financial Professionals who put your security first
  • Be prepared for emergencies and disasters

Investment Options

  • Choose an investment strategy that is right for you
  • Maximize your investment tax options including IRA’s and LLC’s
  • Decrease investment risk and increase investment returns
  • Utilize advanced risk mitigation strategies for protecting what you have
  • Evaluate investments using practical tools
  • Understand why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting pooer

Live Stream Tuition

Can’t make it in person? Attend online!
2-Day Live Online Workshop
Student Workbook
Questions Answered via Chat in Real Time
Homework & Resources to Continue Successful Financial Planning After the Workshop


General Tuition

2-Day Live In-Person Workshop
Student Workbook
Q&A with Mo Hasan & expert Financial Advisors
Homework & Resources to Continue Successful Financial Planning After the Workshop
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See what our students are saying…

  • Very informative and relevant information in a highly interactive forum. This is my 3rd retirement class since 1992 and was the best so far!

    Robert M Department of Defense
  • Mo is an expert not only in computer technology. He is a patient, sympathique teacher who knows how to engage other minds.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg US Supreme Court
  • I am surprised that a fortune 500 instructor took time to train our group. Best, most significant training I've received in 48 years of learning. As a post grad this was amazing!! Life experiences, with many examples, Mo is simply the best.

    Student Department of Defense
  • The class is an eye opener for money management and education.

    Student Department of Defense
  • Wish we had more time plus a follow-on class offered (say in one year). I feel inspired by Mo to tackle, achieve and succeed in several areas - both financially and otherwise. Thanks for your enthusiasm and obvious passion for what you do, Mo - you are the best and I hope we'll remain in contact!

    Cindy N Department of Defense
  • Mo made you think outside of the box and brought forward different points of view. Awesome instructor. One of a kind.

    Student Department of Defense
  • The class is an eye opener for money management and education.

    Student Department of Defense
  • This is by far the most comprehensive retirement class I have attended. The information was far beyond my expectations. I would recommend Mr. Hasan to my colleagues.

    Student Department of Defense
  • This is the second time I took this class and was thoroughly inspired with the content and presentation of instructor. Very informational.

    Student Department of Defense
  • This class was an eyeopener. It should be mandatory, regardless of the age of the employee.

    Ann G Department of Defense
  • Thanks for a different look at retirement and getting more for your money.

    Kim W Department of Defense
  • Mr. Hasan taught the class there is much more to retirement planning than what OPM provides. You have to look holistically at your life and relationships and he was able to communicate that importance. Great class. Best one I ever took.

    Student Department of Defense
  • I recommend this class be given to new employees at least 1-2 years after hiring. Additionally, a refresher course at least once every 3-5 years for each employee. Outstanding course!

    Student Department of Defense
  • Mr. Hasan was an excellent instructor, opening my eyes to new possibilities for my future. Thank you!

    Roy Nielsen Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Absolutely best financial class I've ever experienced - very mind shifting and actually fun as hell!

    Student Department of Defense
  • Best DISA training I've attended by a superb trainer. Wish it was longer but it will change my life and financial well-being.

    Dexter G Department of Defense
  • Mo was excellent. He should be brought back as a mandatory course. Regardless if you are retiring or not, The information is pertinent from the youngest to the oldest employee. Excellent!

    Student Department of Defense
  • I needed this class 5-10 years ago.

    Student Department of Defense
  • Mo was excellent and knows his stuff. I appreciate the new knowledge and I'm looking forward to using what I was taught.

    Kelly L Department of Defense
  • I wish this class was longer. I learned extreme amounts in a very short time and will follow through on my retirement and become rich.

    Sabrina B Department of Defense
  • This Course and extra input from Mo Hasan gave me the knowledge to research and determine my retirement steps and investments.

    Mark C Department of Defense
  • Interested in the next class that Mo is conducting, great presenting and giving information. Makes your mind hurt, but in a good way.

    Greta L Department of Defense
  • Mr. Hasan absolutely changed my perspective about my retirement for the better. Outstanding instructor and very inspirational and motivating. Anxious to learn more about finances because of his teachings! Great job!

    Student Defense Information Systems Agency
  • I came to learn about Federal retirement planning. Learned a lot more than I expected. Class was very interactive - teacher very engaging.

    Anne V Department of Defense
  • Mr. Hasan reviewed topics about investing and saving after retirement that I would have never known about if he had not discussed this during our class. Great instructor!

    Student Department of Defense

About the Creator

Mo Hasan is an award-winning author and speaker with over 20 years of success in training and consulting across six continents. Thousands of Federal Employees across numerous government agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US Supreme Court, and the Department of Defense, have benefited from his life-changing teachings.

He is the author of the official Retirement Planning curriculum for the Defense Information Systems Agency and is currently writing “The Truth About FERS” to give Federal Employees valuable insight into getting the most out of the benefits they’ve earned and avoiding costly mistakes.

He has spent years perfecting the curriculum by applying student feedback and collaborating with government experts. His courses on Federal Employee Retirement Planning have only been available through your employer until now.

The Fall of 2018 marks the official launch of these courses to the public.

“My students gain a distinct advantage in ensuring a secure and successful retirement. Every Federal Employee should have access to this education as soon as they begin their career. That’s why I’m opening the course to public enrollment.”

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