About Kyra Klein

Kyra Klein is a 19 year old student and artist determined to work hard to reach her goal of becoming an amazing dancer day by day. Since she was very young and started her first class in a small dance academy called Jazz Studio, she was awed by the elegance of ballet and the groove in jazz. As she grew up she continued to learn more about the different cultures that surrounded her and how dance is undeniably relevant to them.

At 12 years of age she started to participate in the yearly carnival of her home, a
small island called Cozumel, located in the Mexican Caribbean. She fell for the
shimmer, the glamour, the fun and all the new moves, styles and techniques she
was learning such as salsa, mambo, afro, merengue and others. She has performed in many local events and has participated in different courses in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and classes at Steps on Broadway and the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City, where her family is from.

Dance for her is not only an art of expression and entertainment, but also a form of freedom. She knows that for it to be great it must feel great. On stage you must be honest to yourself and to the audience. She’s passionate and overall excited to learn more from all genres and to work on bettering herself step by step.



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